Did Apple just kill the password?

Totalmente deacuerdo, passwords are such a pain


Update: An earlier version of this story said the iPhone 5s was the first phone with a fingerprint sensor. This was an error introduced by the editing process, not the original author.

On the surface, Apple’s recent iPhone 5S announcement seemed just that: all surface, no substance. But as many reviewers have pointed out, the true star of the new model may not be its shimmering gold sheen, but instead the finger sensor built into its home button.

Using a fingerprint to prove you are who you claim to be is not new. But building it into a phone is. And as your mobile phone becomes your carrier of content (such as photos), currency (think of it as a digital wallet) and identity (like Apple’s Keychain software) as well as your route to all manner of digital services, proving who you are will become essential for mobile everything.

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