wants to sell your mobile apps to its customers

Gigaom crm) wants to be a development and delivery hub not only for its own software but popular third-party applications — such as Dropbox, Evernote, and LinkedIn(s lnkd) — and to deliver those apps to whatever mobile or desktop devices the customer prefers. CEO Marc Benioff is slated to talk more about the new Salesforce1 platform Tuesday morning at the company’s Dreamforce show.

The lure for third party ISVs is the ability to reach’s own 100,000-client user base. The advantage for Salesforce is that it could become the one-stop-shop for all manner of sales, marketing and social applications.

The mobile-first push is new but has long positioned its as an app development platform for third parties and AppExchange as an online marketplace for them.

While courting these third-party software vendors, Salesforce has to thread the needle since it competes with a lot of them, taking on Box and Dropbox…

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